Sami's tea tasting notes

Company - Product Name (5/5 score)

ISO-8601 date when I got the tea. Tea type. Textual description.

Twinings - Gunpowder Green (4)

2020-11-23. Green Tea. Not special, but sufficiently strong green tea. Second brew is possible with this product, although by second round the tea clearly has lost some aroma.

Twinings - High Grown Kenyan (3)

2020-11-23. Black Tea. A tea without faults or anything special. Very similar with the Strand Strong.

Twinings - Sencha Green (3)

2020-11-23. Green tea. Good one. The first impression is this is quite light in aroma. An experiment with greater tea to water proportion is needed.

Twinings - Signature Earl Grey (3)

2020-11-23. Black tea. Nothing wrong with this one. I am coming to conclusion Earl Gray is not really that interesting tea.

Twinings - Forest Fruits Black (5)

2020-10-31. Black tea. Really nice smell. Taste gives a little hint of berries. I like this one.

Twinings - Lapsang Souchong (4)

2020-10-31. Smoky black tea. Great smell. Fairly straightforward smoke aroma. To be honest; I wouldn't mind this being more smoky.

Twinings - London Strand Strong Breakfast (3)

2020-10-31. Black tea. Good tea without faults. Taste is better when not boiling hot. Similar to Darlington I had earlier, but not as expensive.

Twinings - Nutty Chocolate Assam (2)

2020-10-31. Black tea. Smell has nice hazelnut aroma, but I don't like test of it. In wine terms this tea is too dry. I guess this one would be better with milk, but that is not how I drink my tea.

Mariage Frères - Robe Rouge Suprême (4)

2020-10-10. Blue tea. Taste give clear seaweed aroma. Good one, but this does require question is this worth the price? Maybe once, but I doubt twice.

Mariage Frères - Darlington (3)

2020-10-10. Black tea. Really good smell. Not super interesting, but nothing to complain.

The Tea House - Rooibos Cinnamon And Vanilla (1)

2020-09-26. Rooibos. Basically an attempt to try rooibos first time long time. Not very interesting, but better than supermarket teabags.

TWG Tea - Jade Dragon (5)

2020-09-05. Green tea. I really enjoyed this one. Done again without scale, but even with just eyeballing cups turned out great. Strong recommendation.

Mariage Frères - Lung Ching (3)

2020-08-22. Green tea. Nice grass aromas. I messed up when making. I did not have scale at the time, so half of the cups resulted too weak. Good one.